Line Edit $0.03/word

Focus on your readers so they can focus on you.

The most transformational part of the editing process (in my opinion), line editing is all about your audience and the power of your words. After learning the ways in which you want your readers to perceive you, and the experience you want readers to have, I assess your manuscript to see if your goals line up with your content. I'll give you ideas, suggest multiple ways to rephrase statements, and recommend improvements. I do this by examining paragraph flow, sentence clarity, redundancy, impact of word use, word choice, readability, and more. Together we turn your message into writing that readers can breeze through and understand with ease.

I always do a sample edit before working with book clients, so you'll get to see before you agree!

Copyedit $0.03/word

Build your credibility and reputation.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the editing process, the copyedit is where you get to decide on your language and style preferences, and let me ensure your manuscript follows them. Included with that, I check spelling, grammar, word definitions, and more. I also verify that links are functioning, that graphs and images are correctly cited, that you haven't contradicted yourself from one chapter to another (it happens more than you know!). The typical professional standard is to follow the Chicago Manual of Style—which is 936 pages of guidelines—which, I'm happy to let you know, I've read cover-to-cover.

Ready to step up and make sure your book is sound and professional? Keep reading!

Final Proofread $0.01/word

Messy book, don't care? You should.

Is your book formatted? Has it gone through a copyeditor and/or line editor? If so, you're probably ready for a proofread. With a proofread, I will do the final check for you. I'll do my best to catch typos, grammatical errors, misspellings, inconsistencies, and punctuation flaws. In addition to that, I check the formatting: Are the subtitles all set apart properly? Is the reference list in numbered order? Are there any stray words in poor places? Etc. Basically, any visual issues that could trip up your reader.

Questions? Ask away on the contact page!

Do you notice how line and copyediting go perfectly together?

I do.

Basically, one focuses on restructuring sentences grammatically and the other focuses on restructuring sentences artistically. But they both include rewriting. They both strive for an ease of read that will bring in stellar reviews from happy readers.

That's why I'm not going to charge you $0.06/word to do them together.

Instead, you'll pay only $0.04/word. Yep, you heard me. Do the math. Then message me so we can get started on a sample edit!

By the way, if you aren't sure what service you need, I am happy to assess where you are at and let you know the best next stage for you and your book.

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  • Service of choice

  • 20-minute call

  • Tracked Changes guide

  • Constructive feedback guide

  • 1 document returned

  • Service of choice

  • 20-minute call

  • Tracked Changes guide

  • Constructive feedback guide

  • 2 documents returned

  • 1-page editorial letter

  • 1 round of responses to your comments

  • 25 marketing tips

  • Service of choice

  • 2 20-minute calls

  • Tracked Changes guide

  • Constructive feedback guide

  • 2 documents returned

  • 1 round of responses to your comments

  • 20-minute call after edits returned

  • 2-page editorial letter

  • Ultimate 8-page guide to marketing

  • 100-day marketing growth schedule




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